The Sidney Prize

sidney prize

The Sidney Prize is an award given to writers who write about the South. The winners of the prize are selected on the basis of the quality of their work and the ease with which their writing is accessible to an American audience.

The judges of the prize evaluate the writing of the candidates on the ability to convey social and economic injustice. They consider the amount of time the writer has spent on the topic, as well as how the writer has written in style that is easy to read and understand. The Sidney Prize also offers a $500 honorarium to the winner.

The prize was founded by Thornton O’Glove in memory of the late Sidney Brown, who attended Rutgers College. He was a professor of English at Dartmouth from 1927 to 1952. It was established to recognize undergraduate students who excel in their writing.

In addition to the prize, the Sidney Award foundation also offers a certificate to the recipient. They are given out for work published in a variety of media, including newspapers, blogs, and television or film. There is also an equity award that is given out to writers who are committed to diversity in their writing.

Nikky Finney is an author, a poet, and a visiting professor at Smith College. She was raised during the Civil Rights movement and the Black Arts movement. She was also a founding member of the Affrilachian Poets. Her poems are rooted in the experience of African-Americans, and she has been an important contributor to the field of Southern literature.

Other winners of the Sidney Prize include Mary Bottari, who has worked for the Center for Media and Democracy, and Greg Palast, who is a former reporter for the Washington Post. He has been awarded the prize twice, and has been a contributor to several publications, including New York Times, National Review, The Daily Beast, and Washington Post. His book, Invisible Man, has been nominated for the National Book Award.

Another writer who won the prize was Jenah Shaw, who wrote a short story about a new woman who is invited into her family’s home. Her story was one of eight that were chosen from a number of entries. She will now have her short story published in Overland magazine.

The Sidney Award is open to journalists from all over the world. Those who would like to enter their works should send them to the Sidney Hillman Foundation by March 15. Individuals or organizations may also enter the competition. Entry costs $20 for non-subscribers. As an incentive, the Sidney Hillman Foundation will sponsor the winner of the prize with a bottle of union-made wine and a $500 honorarium.

If you are interested in participating in the competition, you should send a three-page story or a short essay no longer than 3000 words to the Sidney Hillman Foundation. You can do this online by going to their website. When you do so, you can also enter at a special rate for subscribers.